Course Syllabus

The syllabus page in Canvas shows an automatically generated view of the course calendar and all graded activities. As new graded activities are published to your course they are automatically added to the syllabus page with appropriate due dates and grade weights when used.

In addition to these automated syllabus elements, you can add text, links, videos and anything else you usually include on your syllabus.  Here are a few recommended items.

Instructor Information

Use this space to add a photo of yourself so students can get to know you better. To add a photo, follow the instructions for adding images from the Canvas Instructor Guide. We recommend resizing your image to ~500 pixels in width/length.

Name, Department;
Office Phone, Email;
Office Hours, Office Hours Location;
TA Information

  • Course Information - name and section of course
  • Course Policies - campus required syllabus statements etc.
  • Course Schedule - class meeting times, hybrid course schedule and policies
  • Course Readings - required texts and any other purchases required for the course
  • Exam Information - assessment policies including exam proctoring.
  • Course Projects - high level view of major course projects that are included in the graded assignments list

Additional Resources

How do I Use the Syllabus as an Instructor

Course Summary:

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